13 Reasons Why Pitch NEEDS to Be Renewed!

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Unfortunately, the fate of Fox's freshman series, Pitch, is still up in the air. 

It is arguably one of the best new series of the year, but it has not picked up the fan base and ratings that it deserves. It's a real shame.

Is television ready for a female-driven sports drama? I'd like to think so. Especially when that female is the talented Kylie Bunbury, and her co-star is Mark-Paul Gosselaar. They are just two of the reasons why this series deserves to be picked up. 

It would be a travesty if we weren't graced with their talent in such a groundbreaking and inspiring series.

If you're a fan of heartwarming sports family dramas like Friday Night Lights, I urge you to check out Pitch.

You can also check out our Pitch reviews and Pitch Round Tables. If you haven't watched the series yet or would like to relive it all over again, you can watch Pitch online right here via TV Fanatic!

Check out these 13 reasons why you should watch Pitch and why the show should be renewed!

1. Kylie Bunbury's Amazing Performance as Ginny Baker

Kylie Bunbury's Amazing Performance as Ginny Baker
Saying that this role is Bunbury's breakout role hardly seems fair. The actress has made the rounds on various television shows and co-starred on Twisted. Yet, Pitch’s Ginny Baker is considered a breakout role for Kylie Bunbury. Her previous work is great, but to get a feel for how exceedingly talented she is, Pitch is a must-watch.

Bunbury had the daunting task of carrying a show that bolsters great actors, some of whom are legendary. She held her own playing one of the best female protagonists we have seen in years. Ginny Baker is compelling, relatable, and someone whom we root for. She’s multi-layered and groundbreaking, while also being grounded. Each week fans were able to tune in and watch a young woman juggle life, friends, and family, all while navigating the pressure, sexism, and scrutiny that came with being the *first pro female in the Leagues. Bunbury's performance knocks it out of the park each and every week.

2. It's Incredibly Diverse

It's Incredibly Diverse
Television is at its best when it realistically reflects the diverse world we live in and/or chooses to provide representation for those who don’t necessarily have it as much as others. Pitch is very diverse. It’s even as diverse behind the scenes as it is in front of it.

Not only does the show star a biracial woman playing the *first African American woman breaking ground in the Leagues, but the rest of the cast is a wide range of race, sex, and age. Most of the supporting cast are ethnic/racial minorities. There are more than a few women, as well. But the best part is, it’s not diversity for diversity sake. It’s organic and realistic.

3. Mark-Paul Gosselaar's Transformative Role

Mark-Paul Gosselaar's Transformative Role
Mark-Paul Gosselaar made quite the transformation in order to play the lovable, seasoned curmudgeon Mike Lawson, including bulking up and growing a beard. The hot lumberjack look suits him. But, more importantly, it’s the nuanced performance as Mike Lawson that helps viewers forget about Zach Morris.

His portrayal of an aging, legendary catcher trying to make it through one final hurrah with Ginny, was much watch TV every week. The more we learned about him, the more we saw just how layered Mike Lawson was. Pitch's fate may be up in the air, but Mark-Paul Gosselaar as Mike Lawson is proof that an actor can have more than one iconic, memorable role in their career.

4. It Has A Strong Supporting Cast

It Has A Strong Supporting Cast
Pitch’s supporting cast is just as incredible as its leads. That’s to be expected when regulars consist of legendary Dan Lauria, a formidable Ali Lanter, and an impressive Mark Consuelos. They even have guest stars like Sara Shahi, BJ Britt, and Josh Peck.

Ginny's team consisting of her hardass and super protective agent, Amelia, and lovable and dedicated Eliot are two highlights. Ginny’s pseudo-family members Blip and Evelyn, are two of the best characters in the series. The inner-workings of the team via Al, Oscar, and Charlie, are fascinating. And Ginny's journey towards winning over her teammates was one of the best things about the season.

5. It's From The Creator of This Is Us

It's From The Creator of This Is Us
It’s bittersweet that the guy behind the biggest hit of the year hasn’t received just as much praise for Pitch. That’s right, Dan Fogelman, the man behind This Is Us, is also behind Pitch. Clearly, he knows what he is is doing, and he’s good at what he does. This Is Us has stolen America's hearts, rightfully so. Pitch, unfortunately, has not generated as much praise and buzz as its sister show. It deserves love too!

6. It Shatters The "Strong Black Woman" Trope

It Shatters The "Strong Black Woman" Trope
“Wear It” is one of the best episodes of the season, because it showcased this best. Ginny Baker already ran the risk of being pigeonholed as a tomboy because she’s a female athlete in a male-dominated sport, but add on to it the fact that she’s a black woman, and well, she easily could have fallen into the strong, independent black woman trope that is all too common in fiction. Ginny is such a complex character. Fortunately, she isn’t forced to be robotic or unfeeling. She’s allowed to be vulnerable, cry, be feminine, desirable and flirty.

But in a remarkable arc, she has a full meltdown and the realities of self-care and mental health issues were explored brilliantly. She spoke with a therapist, worked out her issues, and was cared for and tended to by colleagues and friends who were genuinely concerned for her. Ginny was allowed to take care of business but also be taken care of. She’s allowed to feel, emote, struggle, and be vulnerable. It’s refreshing and compelling.

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