13 Characters Who Kill Absolutely Everyone with Kindness

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7. Aram Mojtabai - The Blacklist

Aram Mojtabai - The Blacklist
On a show full of spies, Aram Mojtabai is easily the nicest, least jaded character on The Blacklist. At times he can be a bit of a doormat, but for the most part we wouldn't have him any other way.

8. Henry McCord - Madam Secretary

Henry McCord - Madam Secretary
Henry is husband to the Secretary of State and father to their three children. He’s a retired Marine captian, pilot, and theology professor who occasionally lends his expertise to the NSA. He’s incredibly supportive of his wife, uses lots of common sense and love with their kids, and somehow never compromises his ethics at work. Even with juggling all of that Henry manages to be one of the nicest, most level head characters on TV.

9. Grace Van Pelt - The Mentalist

Grace Van Pelt - The Mentalist
Grace Van Pelt was the rookie on the team when the show began and she never lost her enthusiasm or ideals. Even when she found out her fiancé was in cahoots with serial killer Red John, she still managed to bounce back, eventually marrying true love, Wayne Rigsby. Even surrounded by murder and mayhem, somehow Grace never lost her smile or her sunny disposition.

10. Phil Dunphy - Modern Family

Phil Dunphy - Modern Family
Phil Dunphy is a big kid at heart which is probably what makes him so nice and such fun. His wife Claire, is the love of his life. He adores all his kids while triying to be both the cool dad and a good parent. He even idolizes his father-in-law! Family is everything to Phil and being a nice guy comes as naturally to him as his goofy jokes and his big heart.

11. Sylvester Dodd - Scorpion

Sylvester Dodd - Scorpion
A member of team Scorpion and a math prodigy, Sylvester's OCD never stops his huge heart. He married true love Megan O'Brien in order to be there for her when she died from multiple sclerosis. Sylvester is not only a genuinely nice guy, he'll do anything for those he loves, believing that, “Blood doesn't make family, love makes family.”

12. Garry "Jerry" Gergich - Parks and Recreation

Garry "Jerry" Gergich - Parks and Recreation
Jerry Gergich was almost too nice. At times, clumsy and awkward at work, Jerry's good nature shown through even when he was being mocked by his co-workers. He even let his boss call him by the wrong name for years! We believe that his good heart and natural niceness earned him his lovely wife and family and an overall long and happy life, living to be 100 years old!

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