13 Most Heartbreaking Moments From Nashville Season 5

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7. Will & Kevin Break Up

Will & Kevin Break Up
Will and Kevin were adorable. There is no denying it; just look at that gif. Kevin always encouraged Will to be true to himself and come out publicly. He never forced him to do it but supported him when he finally felt he was ready. He was committed to spending his life with Will. The only problem was, Will wasn't ready to settle down. Or so we thought. Unfortunately, for Kevin.. and Will... and the fans, to be completely honest, Will almost immediately started dating Zack. Personally, I'm hoping the break up we saw in the finale sticks!

8. Rayna's Stalker

Rayna's Stalker
For the first half of season 5, Rayna had a stalker. Nashville tried to trick us by making numerous individuals seem suspicious -- Zack, Randall, Carl. In the end it was Wayne, also know as Carl, who confronted Rayna at Highway 65 with a knife. He tried to make her understand that he didn't want to do the things he did but he had a bad childhood; his father abused him. Rayna calmly explained that everyone has struggles, but it's how you react to them and who you choose to be after that matters. In the end, Rayna got him to put down his knife but not before he held it to her throat. It was arguably the most intense scene of the season.

9. Gunnar Is Not The Father

Gunnar Is Not The Father
Gunnar was never over the moon about Scarlett's pregnancy. It wasn't that he didn't want to be a father, it was that there was a significant chance that Damien was the father. Eventually those fears were confirmed, but not before Gunnar started reading up on what to expect when you're expecting. Even after the news, Gunnar was committed to Scarlett and wanted to help her raise the baby. When she lost it, it was clear that Gunnar felt like he lost something too.

10. Juliette Steals Maddie's Song

Juliette Steals Maddie's Song
Ok, this one is obviously not as heartbreaking as some of the others on this list, but think about where these two characters were in their lives when this went down. Maddie was still reeling from her mom's death and in need of major support. Her and Juliette had always been close, so it was natural for Juliette to swoop in and offer to help her. In turn, it was natural for Maddie to trust Juliette and sincerely believe she had her best interests at heart. Juliette was going through her own stuff too. She was recovering from the plane crash, exploring faith for the first time. and searching for the road to redempion. When she stole the song from Maddie -- not only a client but someone she personally cared about -- it was a HUGE step back to the selfish, dishonest person she used to be. For Maddie, it was a reminder that she had one less person she could depend on.

11. Clay & Maddie Break Up

Clay & Maddie Break Up
Maddie's relationship with Clay showed that she was ready to grow up, and for the first time, willing to do the work to get there. The fact that he was older and of a different race only made things harder for them. Unfortunately, it was all too much -- the stress, the publicity, the judgment -- they fought to stay together, but in the end, they had to say good bye.

12. Juliette & Hallie Falling Out

Juliette & Hallie Falling Out
The two started out in such a special place; Hallie found Juliette after the plane crash and helped keep her alive and conscious until the ambulance arrived. Juliette was more grateful than she's ever been. She thought Hallie was an angel and even started going to church. When Hallie got a recording contract, Juliette supported her 100%, but when Avery stepped in to produce it, things changed. It's not that Hallie did anything wrong -- although, the fact that she was already hooking up with a married man didn't help her -- Juliette's jealouy was mostly fueled by her insecurities. Still, their friendship was never the same. In fact, Hallie basically disappeared after that.

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