13 Minor Characters We Adore

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7. Arianna Horton - Days of Our Lives

Arianna Horton - Days of Our Lives
Little Ari's role in her parents' stories is mostly off-screen, but whenever she is shown, it really makes the episode! Ari is cute and smart, and we wish she could have more screen time but are grateful for every sighting.

8. Kevin Keller - Riverdale

Kevin Keller - Riverdale
Kevin is among the most tragically underused characters on Riverdale. The torch he carries for closeted Moose and his heartbreak over Serpent Joaquin's betrayal are two of the best stories the show has ever had and we'd love to see more of him!

9. Mike B. - Madam Secretary

Mike B. - Madam Secretary
Mike B is a little quirky, and Elizabeth may want to think twice about having him as her campaign manager, but he and that dog of his are always fun when they pop up on Madam Secretary.

10. Janet - The Good Place

Janet - The Good Place
There's a lot to love about The Good Place, but we're especially grateful for Janet. Who knew that an artificial intelligence unit could add so much to this quirky, funny show?

11. Irving Feldman - The Resident

Irving Feldman - The Resident
ER doc Irving Feldman may not play a big role on The Resident, but the show wouldn't be the same without his sweet, sensitive, awkward self. Mina might not think so, but we certainly do!

12. Wendy Harris - Mom

Wendy Harris - Mom
Thank goodness for Weepy Wendy! Her emotionality, attempts to fit into the group, and lack of tact add even more depth to the recovering-addict family comedy, and her potential bisexuality scores points for representation.

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