13 Ex-Girlfriends Who Give Crazy New Meaning

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7. Jeanette Peterson - How I Met Your Mother

Jeanette Peterson - How I Met Your Mother
Remember how creepy Jeanette was? After seeing Ted on a magazine cover, she started a fire, just to meet him. She stalked him on the subway with a book she knew he’d want to see her reading. She destroyed his stuff, first because she found spam e-mail and assumed Ted was into porn. She took destruction to the extreme when she threw all of his stuff out the window, and burned his famous red cowboy boots, because she was found Barney’s infamous Playbook…it’s no wonder after dating Jeanette, Ted decided to stop seeing women until he met his kids’ mother. After a girl like that, he needed a break from females!

8. Ruby - Supernatural

Ruby - Supernatural
Ruby was hot and heavy with the younger Winchester, Sam, for a while, feeding him demon blood to help boost his demonic powers. Sam ignored warning after warning from his brother, Dean, about Ruby’s crazy eyes. Dean is revealed to be right when Ruby finally shows her true colors; she was a double agent, using Sam to release Lucifer. Sam’s lucky that his big brother never gives up on him…he took Ruby down (with Sam’s help, in the end), and everyone rejoiced that this crazy demon was finally out of the Winchester’s lives.

9. Lily Anne Lonergan - Hart of Dixie

Lily Anne Lonergan - Hart of Dixie
Has there ever been a more insane hypochondriac ex than one who writes hit songs based on breakups? She may have written some catchy tunes with “Run From Wade” and “Unlucky Tucky” but let’s all agree on this: we never ever want to make Lily Anne angry. Though, we are interested in hearing her next hit about Meatball…

10. Tammy #2 - Parks and Recreation

Tammy #2 - Parks and Recreation
Ron Swanson’s second ex-wife Tammy was a complete and total nut job. She returned to Pawnee time and time again to get back into Ron’s life by getting into his bed. It worked, briefly. Remember their second wedding, when Tammy somehow managed to get Ron into cornrows and into a jail cell with her? Or when she made out with Tom in an attempt to make Ron jealous? Or when she showed off her lady parts at Ron’s woodworking award ceremony? This is one crazy bitch we really miss.

11. Quinn Fabray - Glee

Quinn Fabray - Glee
What do you do when you’re 16, head Cheerio, president of the celibacy club, and you discover that you’re pregnant? The decision was pretty simple for Quinn. She convinced her boyfriend, Finn, whom she hadn’t done the deed with, that he got her pregnant when he…got excited…in a tub with her. Little did Finn know that she had actually slept with his best friend, Puck, and the little bun in Quinn’s oven wasn’t his. All of this before they had even competed at Regionals!

12. Zelena - Once Upon a Time

Zelena - Once Upon a Time
This crazy witch tricked her sister Regina’s love Robin Hood into sleeping with her by pretending to be his wife, Marian, in order to get pregnant. Sounds confusing, doesn’t it? What isn’t confusing is how insane Zelena is. We’re not sure if we’ll ever see the Wicked Witch redeem herself, but we’re having all sorts of fun watching her ruin the lives of everyone in Storybrooke.

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