13 Classic '80s Shows That Need a Reboot

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Everyone is talking about '90s TV reboots.

Full House is becoming Fuller House. Boy Meets World spun off into Girl Meets World. Coach is also making a comeback. With the news of a Fresh Prince of Bel Air reboot, we couldn't help but think about some forgotten shows from the decade before, the '80s.

From the coming of age to the golden years, these 13 classics could easily be updated, and given new life with fresh faces. 

1. Facts of Life

Facts of Life
Imagine the possibilities of a modern day boarding school full of teenage girls. With hormones running high, there's no shortage of drama (and comedy) for a new house mother to navigate. Perhaps Melissa Joan Hart could head back onto our televisions, show off her mentoring skills, and launch the careers of some new teens!

2. M*A*S*H

It might be a good idea to turn this from a half-hour comedy to an hour-long dramedy. It would be great to show an army medical team using the Gulf War as a backdrop. Idris Elba, John Krasinski, and Jon Hamm can all make us laugh and cry, which was one of the greatest strengths of the original, so watching them scrub in would make me watch! 

3. Diff'rent Strokes

Diff'rent Strokes
Let's change up this classic 80's sitcom about a rich man who takes in some troubled kids and adopts them as his own. Maybe a high-powered rich woman takes in some foster kids to look good at work, but ends up adoring her new family? Octavia Spencer could make a comeback in this one.

4. The Wonder Years

The Wonder Years
With the recent success of Boy Meets World's next generation spin-off, Girl Meets World, it's got to be time for Kevin Arnold's son to tell his own tale. While I think it would be best for a newbie to play the role, cameos from Fred Savage, Danica McKeller, and Josh Saviano would be a must.

5. ALF

Known Muppet lover Neil Patrick Harris is the perfect choice to co-star with the iconic cat-eating puppet, and just imagine the hijinks that our lovable alien could get in to if he had internet access!

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