13 Characters In Need of a Christmas Miracle

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7. Matt Mahoney - Madam Secretary

Matt Mahoney - Madam Secretary
All of Elizabeth's staff have their ups and downs, but Matt seems to have more downs than the others. He's always worrying about whether his speeches are good enough and he's jealous of his long-distance girlfriend's relationship with her commanding officer.

8. Oscar Nero - General Hospital

Oscar Nero - General Hospital
It's awful enough for a teenager to be saddled with an inoperable brain tumor. But for him to learn that his mother knew about it for a long time and didn't want to tell him was devastating. This kid definitely needs a miracle.

9. June Osborne - Handmaid's Tale

June Osborne - Handmaid's Tale
It was devastating for viewers as well as for June when she had to make the heartwrenching choice to stay behind in Gilead and send her baby to safety without her.

10. Kevin Atwater - Chicago PD

Kevin Atwater - Chicago PD
Nothing is ever easy for anyone on Voight's squad, but Kevin Atwater's had it particularly rough. He finally met a woman he clicked with, only for it to turn out that she was an accessory to murder years ago. The State's Attorney's office insisted on pressing charges despite her willingness to go undercover, leaving Atwater single and broken-hearted -- and driving him to illegally destroy evidence to stop a young boy important to her from suffering a similar fate.

11. Archie Andrews - Riverdale

Archie Andrews - Riverdale
Archie has spent most of fall 2018 in jail for a murder he didn't commit, where he's being forced into violent fights fore the entertainment of the warden and barred from seeing his girlfriend thanks to Hiram Lodge's influence in the jail system.

12. Ben Stone - Manifest

Ben Stone - Manifest
It's been rough for all of the Flight 828 passengers to discover that they lost five and a half years of their lives and the world has moved on without them. Now that Ben has lost his marriage on top of almost losing his son to a mysterious illness and his obsession with the mysteries surrounding the flight has gone nowhere, he could really use a miracle.

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