13 Canceled Shows We Wish Hadn't Left Us in 2015

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Whether a show was mowed down while it still had plenty to offer to viewers or it was given a proper send off because it was at the pinnacle of success, we are still sad to see them go.

Heck, sometimes we just want the crazy kid on the block to stick around a little while longer so we can relax, unwind and, well, make fun of something. There. We said it. Not all TV has to be so serious.

This list contains a little of everything. From the very best to the not so great TV had to offer that went off the air in 2015. 

What will you miss going into 2016?

1. Forever - ABC

Forever - ABC
Forever may not have been a ratings powerhouse for ABC, but it posted decent numbers and boasted both a strong cast and an intriguing storyline. Unfortunately, ABC declined to renew it for a second season, leaving us to mourn the loss of Ioan Gruffudd and Alana de la Garza from our screens. At least it didn't end on a cliffhanger.

2. The Following - FOX

The Following - FOX
The Following Season 3 was easily its best season, but it was too little too late. Viewers had already given up on the show after the mess that was season 2, and The Following was cancelled just as it was getting really good. To add insult to injury, it also ended on a cliffhanger.

3. Hindsight - VH1

Hindsight - VH1
Hindsight's cancellation on VH1 is another stunner. The network has no other scripted series of note, so scrapping this gem after already committing to a second season is not only a mystery, but a mistake. It was surprising that another network didn't latch onto the series when it was dropped, and now we'll never see what happens next after Becca wakes up again in the elevator, back in her own time. It's so unfair!

4. Mad Men - AMC

Mad Men - AMC
Mad Men going off the air felt like an event. Every episode being kept as close to the vest as possible, shrouded in secrecy, worked to keep the mystery and the magic of the series alive. It was given a fitting ending, and there was no worry about the paths of each character after the series concluded. All in all it was not only one of the best series in television history, but one of the best final seasons and finales.

5. Stalker - CBS

Stalker - CBS
Stalker. It was CBS’ best drama and delivered compelling cases every week. Add in the compelling subplots and solid cast, it was up there with Forever as the most painful cancellation last year.

6. Revenge - ABC

Revenge - ABC
Revenge. Yes, you read that right. The show was very addictive, but the last few episodes felt very rushed and like they only found out they were done weeks before. There could have been a Revenge without Emily Thorne and that would have featured Nolan and Louise in cahoots on revengendas.

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