12 Things We're Looking Foward to on Outlander Season 4

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7. Roger ... In a Kilt

Roger ... In a Kilt
Roger's visit to America would be exciting just for the Highland ballads, but our favorite history professor doesn't half-ass his side gig. He'll don true Scottish regalia for his performance at an American Highland Gathering.

8. Claire's Medical Practice

Claire's Medical Practice
Just because it's 1766 doesn't mean that Claire is going to let her Harvard Medical degree go to waste. Being shipboard limited how much healing we got to see Claire do on Outlander Season 3. Establishing a practice as a woman in the eighteenth century won't be easy, but it will probably help that her patients won't have any other real options.

9. Steamy Romance

Steamy Romance
Between being separated by 200 years and Jamie's infamous sea-sickness, since they've been reunited, Jamie and Claire haven't had as many chances to properly appreciate each other as they (or we) would like. That's about to change.

10. Unraveling a Mystery

Unraveling a Mystery
We already know that Claire's not the only one who can pass through the stones. But Geillis can't be the only other person to have figured out the secrets of time travel. So who else has come to the 1700s? And when were they from? We look forward to getting more clues so we can solve this puzzle!

11. Brianna Meeting Her Family

Brianna Meeting Her Family
Time traveling is in her blood. But what -- and who -- will she find on the other side of the stones? Brianna faces a long journey, but it will all be worth it if we get to see Jamie meet his daughter.

12. Murtagh's Return?

Murtagh's Return?
This is pure supposition, completely unsupported by the source material or any released information. But the last time we saw Jamie's god-father was at Ardsmuir prisoner as he and the other convicts were being deported to the colonies. What are the odds that the Fraser's will run into their most loyal retainer in the New World?

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