12 Characters Who Wasted Our Time in 2015

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7. Malcolm Merlyn - Arrow

Malcolm Merlyn - Arrow
Malcolm Merlin from Arrow. We love the actor but are super over his character! He is like the weird creepy uncle of the Arrow world. Just go away!

8. Sean Roman - Chicago PD

Sean Roman - Chicago PD
Sean Roman from Chicago P.D. is just not a very interesting or likable character. Giving him the kid with cancer story line helped a little, but it was ruined when he got too close to the kid's mom. He makes terrible choices, and his crush on the engaged Burgess is annoying, not to mention the awful advice he has given her.

Chicago P.D. Season 3 Episode 9 left off with Roman shooting an unarmed man, and while chances are Voight will get him out of it, we would not mind if it leads to Roman leaving the show.

9. Rowena - Supernatural

Rowena - Supernatural
Rowena from Supernatural just won't go away. She was supposed to be a big bad, but that obviously didn't pan out. Instead, she's an over-the-top cartoon that somehow manages to keep getting away from Sam and Dean as much as she keeps worming her way into storylines.

And unfortunately Supernatural Season 11 couldn't turn things around for her to make her any more interesting or villainous, so we have to keep hearing her spout out ridiculous things like Mega Covens or being a fan girl of Lucifer. It's just tiresome at this point.

10. Zelena - Once Upon a Time

Zelena - Once Upon a Time
Zelena on Once Upon a Time. The Wicked Witch of the West swept into Storybrooke to take on her sister Regina, but fans quickly started to think of her as the Whiny Witch instead. Her constant chorus of "Mommy Loved You More Than She Loved Me" got old fast.

It actually looked as though there was hope for Zelena to turn things around with the birth of her baby daughter (who still remains nameless!), but when she decided that to stick to her selfish, evil ways, Regina sent her back to Oz. There seemed to be so much potential but the truth is, Zelena can stay in Oz if she’s only going to continue to whine about her life.

11. Vikram Singh - Castle

Vikram Singh - Castle
Vikram Singh on Castle Unfortunately our once favorite show has a whole list of horrible characters this season, both new and old, but the one we want to see gone the most is Vikram Singh. He swooped in and suddenly became Kate Beckett’s new de facto partner thanks to the silly Loksat mess. Not only has he taken Rick Castle’s rightful place at Beckett’s side, but he’s openly anti-Castle and anti-Caskett.

He’s actively tried to keep our favorite couple apart all the while claiming it’s for the greater good. We don’t think it’s been good for anyone…certainly not the audience. Vikram is the one character we’re enthusiastically hoping will become a fatal victim of this latest boring conspiracy case and his demise can’t happen soon enough!

12. Juliette - Grimm

Juliette - Grimm
Juliette from Grimm had such potential that felt sadly squandered in the back half of Grimm Season 4. Instead of compelling, she became a one-note vengeance-obsessed villain everyone was glad to see offed in the end. Her apparent resurrection in Grimm Season 5 Episode 6 seemed to many to be a twist they never wanted. It remains to be seen whether Juliette (or whatever she's become) will be able to redeem herself in the eyes of fans, but some would rather she had just stayed dead.

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