11 TV Characters Who Won't Stop Annoying Us

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Once upon a time, there were foam bricks made and sold on TV so viewers could buy them and toss them angrily at their sets.

They were made for characters like these. The ones who make stupid decisions again and again, or say dumb things over and over. 

You find yourself rolling your eyes so often you start to hear your mom in your head, "if you keep doing that, they're going to stay that way!"

So these characters are up for the Perpetual Ocular Rotation Award.

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1. Jo Wilson - Grey's Anatomy

Jo Wilson - Grey's Anatomy
Jo Wilson from Grey's Anatomy – We're not actually supposed to like this character, are we? She may have had a hard past, but her whining and her overall attitude make her incredibly unlikeable.

2. Barry Allen - The Flash

Barry Allen - The Flash
Ugh, Barry Allen. See, I've read the comics. I've watched the animated movie. I know Flashpoint is supposed to be a disaster. That said, this version of Barry Allen comes off as a real idiot. Barry CONSTANTLY does things that everyone warns him not to do. "This is a bad plan, Barry." "Don't change the past, Barry." But noooo, he's a hero, he can do anything! He has myopic knee-jerk reactions to everything, and then is somehow surprised by the awful consequences. He's lucky he has the most forgiving friends on earth; he deserved to be dragged a heck of a lot more.

3. Hakeem Lyon - Empire

Hakeem Lyon - Empire
Hakeem from Empire is the most ridiculous, immature character on television, and because he's constantly in the spotlight, we never forget it! Peak Hakeem: When he stormed into his mother's apartment with a pacifier in his mouth and a crying baby in his arms, a frazzled disaster unable to cope with being a father.

4. Kurt Weller - Blindspot

Kurt Weller - Blindspot
Kurt Weller from Blindspot, unfortunately. I love Weller like my homeboy, love Sullivan Stapleton like a good friend, but they had him make some really stupid decisions this year and to many fans, he came off like a jerk. Let's hope he redeems himself when Season 2 picks up in January.

5. Princess Margaret - The Crown

Princess Margaret - The Crown
Princess Margaret on The Crown. I feel weird disliking this character so much since she's based on an actual person, but honestly, were we supposed to have sympathy for this spoiled royal brat? "I'm Daddy's favourite!" "How dare you put an entire empire and centuries-old-establishment before me and my boyfriend?" "I don't need to be diplomatic, I'm charming!" I just rolled my eyes every time she found something else to whine about. Margaret's the worst.

6. Wally West - The Flash

Wally West - The Flash
Wally West from The Flash wants sooooo bad to be a speedster, but once he gets his speed, he's more concerned with whether or not he's faster than Barry than anything else. In fact, he's bordering on being more obsessed than the many bad guys who have also been obsessed with being the fastest, which makes me wonder if he's going to be a bad guy in the end, despite his original comics roots. Rolling the eyes. Ouch.

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