11 Plots that Twisted Too Far in 2015

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7. Sleepy Hollow - Abbie Sacrifices Herself

Sleepy Hollow - Abbie Sacrifices Herself
While it was exciting to watch Abbie heroically sacrifice herself in the midseason finale of Sleepy Hollow, we all know she's not really dead. She's a main character and too important to the series for them to kill her off. With so many viewers leaving after season 2, it is hard to imagine they would alienate the ones they have left by destroying the excellent chemistry between Abbie and Ichabod that keeps most people watching.

8. Castle - Caskett Separation

Castle - Caskett Separation
Castle season 8 has had some pretty terrible twists (the convoluted LokSat conspiracy, too many new characters, weird sitcom style humor) but the worst of them was Kate walking out on Rick. With nothing more than a vague explanation, Beckett moved out of the loft in order to “protect” Castle.

The separation not only made no sense story wise (would the bad guys really not go after her husband simply because she'd moved out?), it was a slap in the face to viewers who had waited years to see Caskett as a happily married couple. Now fans are screaming for a return to what made them fall in love with this show in the first place: the romance of Castle and Beckett as a couple solving quirky crimes TOGETHER!

9. Scandal - Jake Survives

Scandal - Jake Survives
Jake surviving multiple stab wounds on Scandal and surviving was a bit of a stretch, to say the least. I'm glad he survived, but it was still hard to believe that the injuries didn't kill him or that Russell didn't make sure he was dead.

10. The Walking Dead - Glenn Survives

The Walking Dead - Glenn Survives
Glen being “killed off” and then brought back on The Walking Dead. It was just stupid and we all knew it was going to happen. It would have been better to just have him die and let us see the fallout from that.

11. NCIS - Jake Cheats on Bishop

NCIS - Jake Cheats on Bishop
Jake cheating on Bishop on NCIS angered and confused a lot of viewers. The unpopular twist destroyed a character who had been until this point a fairly likable guy (who had even managed to befriend ​*Gibbs*​ of all people). To make matters worse, Jake's attempts to apologize for the affair came out as half-hearted at best and showed very little (if any) actual remorse for his behavior.

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