11 Plots that Twisted Too Far in 2015

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Remember all those plot twists that rocked our world in 2015?

These took the concept and went a bit too far, just annoying the heck out of us. We really don't think that was their intention.

Right? Surely when on paper, these twists must have looked great. From deaths to break ups to character returns, they should have just left well enough alone.

1. Grey's Anatomy - Penny's Arrival

Grey's Anatomy - Penny's Arrival
The arrival of Penny on Grey's Anatomy. Everything was going so well, and the show was so enjoyable to watch. Then, surprise! Callie's new girlfriend is the doctor who couldn't save Derek's life. Even worse, it turned out she was transferring her residency to Grey Sloan Memorial, which basically made no sense.

2. Grimm - Juliette is Back as Eve

Grimm - Juliette is Back as Eve
Juliette's back on Grimm. After squandering a huge character development opportunity during Grimm Season 4, the creators apparently killed the bland-girlfriend-turned-one-note-villain in the season finale. Except now Juliette's back again. Surprise! While not everyone was thrilled with her death, her abrupt reappearance came completely out of left field. About the best things that can be said is that (1) everyone did a remarkable job keeping her return a secret, and (2) they may, may, just find a way to redeem themselves for the way her character was treated during Season 4.

3. The Vampire Diaries - Lily Leaving Us with Julian

The Vampire Diaries - Lily Leaving Us with Julian
Lily stabbing herself on The Vampire Diaries and leaving JULIAN to continue annoying us. She was such a good character and we thought she was in it for the long haul. Now the Heretics are just going to be annoying without her and with JULIAN in charge. Just ugh!

4. The Big Bang Theory - Leonard Reveals his Cheating

The Big Bang Theory - Leonard Reveals his Cheating
On The Big Bang Theory Leonard revealing to Penny that he cheated on her on his north pole expedition as they were on their way to get married was annoying. These two had been through enough and we did not need another conflict threatening their relationship. Plus it was completely out of character for Leonard to have kept that secret for so long.

5. Reign - Francis Survives to Die for Good

Reign - Francis Survives to Die for Good
Francis was cured of his medical illness, at least temporarily, to live another day only to die mortally in battle. While most of the story was fiction anyway, it seemed a cheap shot to pull the he lives, he dies stunt with the guy who had become the heart of Reign.

6. Scream Queens - Hester is the Mastermind

Scream Queens - Hester is the Mastermind
The reveal that Hester was the killer all along on Scream Queens and just about every single thing that followed it. Creepy Hester was such an obvious choice of villain and it was massively disappointing that the show went the route of "So obvious, it's right under your nose!" for the big twist.

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