11 Characters Who Desperately Want to Save the World

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We are celebrating Earth Day with these environmentally conscious TV characters!

From carpooling to staging protests, these 11 characters make an effort to reduce their carbon footprints and do their part to protect the environment.

So recycle your water bottle, ride your bike, and celebrate Earth Day with these 11 characters!


1. Leonard and Sheldon - The Big Bang Theory

Leonard and Sheldon - The Big Bang Theory
Leonard and Sheldon carpool to work every day. Granted, it is because Sheldon doesn't drive, but we are giving them credit anyway. One less car on the road can still make a difference!

2. Lisa - The Simpsons

Lisa - The Simpsons
Lisa is about as environmentally conscious as they come. She begged her mom to help clean up an oil spill, she tried to protect Springfield's oldest tree from being cut down, and she fought against Mr. Burns' fracking operation. When someone tries to hurt the environment in Springfield, Lisa is there to fight back!

3. Marshall - How I Met Your Mother

Marshall - How I Met Your Mother
Marshall's whole reason for becoming a lawyer was his desire to help the environment. He took a job at Honeywell & Cootes, one of the biggest environmental law firms in the country in order to pursue his dream of saving the world.

4. Jesse - Saved by the Bell

Jesse - Saved by the Bell
Jesse was always ready to stand up for what she believed in, and staged quite a few protests over the show's run. When all of her friends were enjoying their cut day at the beach, Jesse was protesting the use of polystyrene cups at their school. She even chained herself to a mock derrick to protest oil drilling.

5. Topanga - Boy Meets World

Topanga - Boy Meets World
In the early years of the series we saw Topanga's hippy side, and with it her strong convictions to protect the environment. She and Cory even partnered up on a project about the ozone layer. Topanga put a lot of effort into her poem for that one.

6. Phoebe - Friends

Phoebe - Friends
Phoebe has always cared about animal rights and the environment. She's a vegetarian, and she even broke up with her boyfriend after he shot a bird. She did not like it when people cut down trees for Christmas, and she even made a woman apologize to a tree after witnessing her put out a cigarette on it.

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