11 Beloved Shows That Deserve A Second Chance

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7. Sense8

Sense8 was a spectacular addition to the Netflix lineup, and the response that it received from fans and critics should be an indicator of how much it deserved to keep releasing new content. Unfortunately creating such an elaborate and fascinating TV show meant having money that Netflix just didn’t. But it looks like Sense8 may very well get a different kind of second chance with a wrap up movie being in the works.

8. Devious Maids

Devious Maids
Devious Maids succeeded as long as it did because it picked up exactly where Desperate Housewives left off, and it had that nostalgic feelings that we were all looking for. Just like every good drama show Devious Maids ended on a cliffhanger like no other, which is exactly why it needs to come back and tell us what happened! Or it could at least create a spinoff series for Susan Lucci’s character who was a scene stealer in her own right.

9. Selfie

Selfie had a lot going for it, from an incredible cast to a wonderful story to a passionate fanbase. The one thing it was missing was the ratings ABC wanted to see to renew it and to this day I can’t forgive the network for taking a show like this away from us. It was adorable and sweet, it made you love it before you could even expect it. One of the most importance parts of this show though was the fact that it offered a lead Asian man in a love interest role. This is particularly scarce even now, with only characters like Josh Chan from Crazy Ex Girlfriend and Bellamy Blake from The 100 having that opportunity.

10. Hart of Dixie

Hart of Dixie
How is possible that I haven’t moved to Bluebell yet? Honestly though, Hart of Dixie was a beautiful feel good show that found success through its eccentric town and the people that lived there. Through Zoe Hart we got to experience Bluebell and grew to love it just like she did. Hart of Dixie deserves a second chance because of the way they managed to create a small town that was a character all on its own.

11. Eye Candy

Eye Candy
Eye Candy focused on a girl that was just trying to find her missing sister, something you could easily forget the longer you kept watching the show. As it progressed though watching Lindy and Tommy working together to rid the internet of strange serial killers was the pleasant surprise worth sticking around for. It is with full acknowledgment that I’m weak for Tommy and Lindy having scenes together like all the time that I formally request Eye Candy get a second chance.

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