11 Top Moments from Castle Season 7

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A wedding, a honeymoon, and fairy wings. Here are our top moments from Castle Season 7! Watch Castle on Mondays at 10/9c at ABC and then check back here at TV Fanatic for our reviews. 

1. They're Ready, So Ready!

They're Ready, So Ready!
Castle Season 7 Episode 3, "Clear and Present Danger" ~ Finally returning home after being missing for two months, Rick and Kate were still trying to get their groove back. They missed their mind melds as well as more romantic pursuits. After being interrupted several times, once by Martha walking into their invisible man trap, Kate put on her "invisible" suit and this time there were no interruptions.

2. Castle Wears Fairy Wings

Castle Wears Fairy Wings
Castle Season 7 Episode 4, "Child's Play" ~ Rick Castle went undercover in a second grade classroom. It should come as no surprise that he fit right in. Rick even went so far as to don a tiara, magic wand and fairy wings to participate in a princess tea party. What other man makes fairy wings look this good?

3. A Caskett Wedding, Finally!

A Caskett Wedding, Finally!
Castle Season 7 Episode 6, "The Time of Our Lives" ~ The wedding took longer than we expected but when it finally happened no two people ever looked happier. And leave it to Rick Castle and Kate Beckett to make us tear up with their perfect vows.

4. The Caskett Honeymoon

The Caskett Honeymoon
Kate in a corset. Rick being lassoed. No, it wasn't the tropical island destination they'd planned but somehow Rick and Kate made the Wild West theme work the way no other couple could.

5. His Boyhood Dream

His Boyhood Dream
Castle got meet the actors from his favorite childhood aciton movies. As he told Esposito and Ryan, as the son of a single mother, that was his bro time. But he worried that Kate wouldn't let him go off with these former stars during an ongoing investigation. Kate: Castle, you really think I could stand between you and your boyhood dream? ~ Castle: You are my boyhood dream. ~ Aww.

6. Castle Plays Sherlock

Castle Plays Sherlock
After being banned from the precinct, Rick found a new way to bide his time. He became a private investigator. Instead of berating Castle for interferring in her cases, Kate encouraged him by giving him a present, a Sherlock Holmes style hat and magnifying glass.

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