10 Spring TV Scenes We Need to See Again... and Again

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There are times when one viewing of a particular moment of your favorite show is not enough.

Whether that moment was a complete shock, an exhilarating anticipation, or a tune that caught your ear, sometimes you need to watch it over and over again because it was incredibly awesome.

Our TV Fanatics picked some of their favorites. Do you agree? Check out the picks and hit the comments to share your favorite rewind-worthy moments!

1. Pretty Little Liars - Bell Tower Blues

Pretty Little Liars - Bell Tower Blues
The moment when Hanna was being dragged across the bell tower to meet the same fate as Charlotte. Or Ian, according to the Season 7 Trailer, where someone who looks a lot like Hanna is hanging, apparently dead. But Ian survived the fall, so it's possible Hanna might, too. A.D. is ready to take down these girls, and Hanna may be the first to suffer. We can't get over her body being dragged up the stairs!

2. Lucifer - Heaven and Hell Tickle the Ivories

Lucifer - Heaven and Hell Tickle the Ivories
After enjoying drinks and conversation about their similarities and differences, Father Frank says he’s a better piano player than Lucifer. We all know that's not something the Devil is going to stand for. They head to the piano where Father Frank shows off his skills, and the two end up playing a riveting version of Ray Charles’ “Mess Around” that literally sent chills down our spine.

3. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - Silly Sex Songs

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - Silly Sex Songs
When Rebecca got a UTI from having too much sex with Greg, it resulted in an over-the-top hilarious song about UTIs that we rewound repeatedly. It's still stuck in our heads, actually.

4. Supergirl - Sister Power

Supergirl - Sister Power
Alex's speech to Kara when Kara was infected by the spider-type alien was one of the most heart-warming/heart-breaking speeches ever. Chyler Leigh completely nailed it. We watched the scene many times, and may even have shed a tear or two.

5. American Horror Story: Hotel - Dinner Party Madness

American Horror Story: Hotel - Dinner Party Madness
When John was invited to James March’s annual Devil’s Night dinner party he got to meet the living ghosts of the world’s worst serial killers: Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy, Aileen Wuornos, Richard Ramirez, and the Zodiac Killer. It was the weirdest, yet most fascinating dinner party TV has ever seen,

6. Bates Motel - Romero's Rage

Bates Motel - Romero's Rage
Watching Alex Romero slam Norman up against the wall in the hospital after Norman was being all sassy on Bates Motel. It's too bad Romero couldn't spend an hour slamming the little brat.

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