10 Season Finales That Failed. Miserably.

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7. How to Get Away With Murder - "Anna Mae"

How to Get Away With Murder - "Anna Mae"
How to Get Away With Murder - This show was fantastic right up to the midseason break, but then it all fell apart in a convoluted mess. The result was a sub par finale that felt slow and thrown together. Is there any hope that season 3 will fix it?

8. The Flash - "The Race of His Life"

The Flash - "The Race of His Life"
The Flash finale was just a disappointing end to a season that was lackluster at best. The fact that Barry's final showdown with Zoom was a race was lame. That ending, where Barry turned his back on Iris and all the Westallen fans, changing the past as he saves his mother? It just seemed like a slightly rewritten script from The Flash Season 1 finale. Is there any hope this show will get back on track?

9. The 100 - "Perverse Instantiation"

The 100 - "Perverse Instantiation"
The 100 Season 3 just didn't live up to its predecessors. Season 2 was so great, but Season 3 pushed Clarke, the main character, to the background, focusing more on ALIE than anything else. While the threat was still very real, the solution was not, and they found out that stopping ALIE didn't stop the ending of the world. There was no happy moment of relief.

10. Lost Girl - "Rise"

Lost Girl - "Rise"
Lost Girl - It was a terrible final season, which sucked because it really was a beautiful show. The finale made a couple terrible life decisions. For one, Bo and company didn't actually defeat Hades. Nope, they just stalled his return to power. They have to go through the whole thing all over again with Tamsin's daughter. Oh, and then there's the fact that Kenzi was pushed away to go raise Tamsin's daughter on her own. It certainly wasn't the way we'd hoped to see it all end.

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