10 Best Shows of 2018

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4. Homecoming - Amazon

Homecoming - Amazon
This odd, reflective conspiracy series kept viewers guessing from start to finish in what felt like a modern tale told out of time. Sam Esmail got from Julia Roberts in her first starring TV role her best performance in years, and her chemistry with her co-stars was magical.

3. The Haunting of Hill House - Netflix

The Haunting of Hill House - Netflix
Mike Flanagan ripped up the rule book and ran away with Shirley Jackson's well-known tale to amazing effect. Taking what was once a great tale of horror and turning it into a beautiful if tragic family drama with a catastrophic ending was brilliant.

2. Killing Eve - BBC America

Killing Eve - BBC America
Eve always wanted to be a spy, and she got her chance when she stepped too far into the front lines of her back-office job and caught the attention of the most lethal assassin in Europe. Code naming her Villanelle, the cat and mouse game between Eve and Villanelle is the best on TV. Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer are the embodiment of their characters and make every moment more thrilling than the last. If the magic continues, it won't be long before Killing Eve earns the top spot on year-end lists.

1. The Americans - FX

The Americans - FX
One of the most underappreciated dramas of all time, The Americans never lost sight of its path no matter how few engaged or how often the woefully inept awards committees failed to recognize its greatness. That determination paid off for viewers throughout the course of the series and in one of the best final seasons any series has ever delivered.

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