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Zoey woke up from her startling "nightmare" in which she had a whole musical number with friends and family singing I've Got the Music in Me.

Her newly befriended neighbor Mo was on the mission to understand Zoey's musical ability, curious to determine if there was any way she could control it. 

The family had a doctor's appointment regarding Mitch's recent progress in movement. Unfortunately, his disease is incurable and will continue to progress with time, although his new medication will slow it down. 

Mo came over to discuss the limitations of her new ability and how she might be able to control them. They decided to test it out and concluded that there was no way to quiet the musical numbers or control when they would appear. 

During her team meeting, she received another unsuspecting serenade from Max followed by a "date" invitation to an exclusive farm to table restaurant.

She took matters into her own hands and set Max up with the barista at the local coffee shop in order to refocus his attention so she could focus hers on strengthening her team leadership abilities. 

Meanwhile, Zoey aided her mother in deciphering her father's cryptical message, which turned out to be a sweet "I love you."

Things took a turn when his date went well and it seemed that he could really feel something for Autumn. 

Max stopped by Zoey's parent's house after his date to bring by some food for Mitch and Zoey had a visible spark in her eye. 

Zoey learned that no matter how much she's tried to control her life, it doesn't work like that. 


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I view you more as a social experiment like a rat running through a maze or that one time that I kissed a girl in college.


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