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Liza stumbles upon a video of Caitlin "breadfacing" in college to make an extra few bucks. 

Breadfacing, in this instance, means she is rubbing and pounding her face into a loaf of bread on the internet for all to see. 

Liza is understandably disturbed and makes multiple attempts to talk with her daughter. 

When they finally meet up for dinner, she confronts her about it and in hopes of forcing her to stop, mashes her face into bread in public. 

But this is only the beginning of the insanity Liza has to endure on Younger Season 5 Episode 5. 

During her date with Don, she slips on some black ice and her I.D falls out of her purse, revealing her real age. 

Thinking that she can trust her new industry friend, she comes clean about everything and he's utterly amazed. At one point, he even calls her a "hero."

The following day, Liza gets a call from a fact-checker at Vanity Fair who wants to confirm that Liza is 41-years-old. 

After the initial shock of someone knowing her real age wears off, Liza realizes that Don is using her secret against her. He's trying to expose her to get his "mojo" back. 

She tells Kelsey as they make their way to a meeting with Reese Witherspoon's company and Kelsey advises her to lie next time. 

Next time just so happens to be at the company meeting when Reese's assistant asks Liza about her age after receiving multiple calls from some "fact-checker."

Without hesitation, Liza comes up with a lie about how she is "age queer," pulling inspiration from the "gender queer" movement that inspired Lauren's latest edible makeup event. 

At first, everyone is confused by Kelsey jumps on board and pretty soon, they have Reese's assistant convinced that everyone is trying to undermine their accomplishments simply because they are millennials. Smooth. 

Later, Liza tracks down Don who is stuffing his pockets with free food at some event and confronts him about using her to get his career back. 

He tries to use her own advice against her about how you "do what you have to" to survive, but Liza knows better than to believe a word from his mouth. 

He assures her that the expose was pulled anyhow because of some "age queer" movement on Twitter which Liza pretends to know nothing about. 

As Don begins babbling about how he's only middle-aged, white males suffer nowadays Liza assures him that the only reason he isn't getting any gigs is because he's an asshole. 

Meanwhile, Kelsey finds herself in a love triangle with co-worker Zane and her author and former Obama speechwriter, Jake Deveraux. 

Jake invites her to be his plus one at an exclusive event and the two share a romantic kiss on the outdoor patio. 

Kelsey knows that nothing is worth sabotaging this book deal, but as Selena Gomez would say, "the heart wants what it wants." Except Kelsey's heart is torn between two dudes who have the potential of becoming very jealous.

Josh is conflicted about his future after his landlord tells him he has to sign a 10-year lease to keep Inkburg open. 

When he doesn't find the answers he's looking for in the bottom of the bottle, he calls Liza who tries to convince him that staying here and running his business is a sound idea. 

When she assures him that he has people who care about him like Kelsey, Lauren and herself, he tries to blame her for all of his problems. 

Meanwhile, Lauren hires an unpaid intern to be her assistant, schools everyone on the proper pronouns to you when referring to the LGBTQ community, and has a breakdown when they tell her that "millennials are so over."

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Younger Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Kelsey: Who is that?
Lauren: Oh, that's my new intern.
Kelsey: You have an intern?
Lauren: It's basically slave labor, TBQH, but they are getting the credit for school so my conscience is clear.

Jake: Can I kiss you?
Kelsey: What? Sorry, I just thought Obama's speechwriter would be a little smoother than that.
Jake: Oh, well, it worked on Michelle.