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Josh and Clare are having a going away party. Josh can't be with Clare because of timing just like he couldn't be with Liza due to timing. He hasn't thought of marriage yet.

Josh cries while they consider being apart for two years.

At the office, Charles and Diana want Kelsey and Liza to consider giving Marriage Vacation to Empirical so they are not overlooked for awards consideration.

Zane wants to see Kelsey. He's either being fired or leaving of his own accord, either way, LL Moore's contract has an editor's clause and he wants her to start a company with him.

Richard shows Diana a two-bedroom apartment so Ethan can live with them.

Liza's using her free time to get to know Jay, who she considers a viable prospect.

Charles is using his free time to read Marriage Vacation, transposing his wife's voice with Liza's, recognizing her influence.

People bug Liza about the book because they're so excited to read it. Jay's proud of her and it earns him a kiss. They talk about getting together tomorrow and growing even closer.

Josh decides to go to Ireland with Clare.

Diana visits with Richard's wife and learns what he's doing with Ethan is "so Richard" because Richard asked Ethan to move in, it's not a necessity.

Kelsey calls Moore's publicist, Redmond, who assures him Zane has it all wrong with the contract.

Diana also discovers the real Richard and sets him onto his way. They're going.

They go to the Pubbies, and Liza and Jay get along well.

Diana says she'll be fine without a plus one, but holds Liza's hand for photo ops.

Kelsey and Zane chat at the 'do and consider bedding each other again.

A very important family member has finally come home, it's Edward LL Moore, much to Pauline's surprise.

Zane? He's the newest Executive Editor.

Pauline is forcing things with Charles, and he's too much of a gentleman to let her know any different in public.

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Younger Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

You know, before I met Richard, I was prepared to accept that this was my life. No plus one, no one beaming like an idiot beside me in photographs, and I was OK with it then. And I'm OK with it now.


You're leaving. We'll never get to know what we could have been, ya know?