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YOU Moving to Netflix for Season 2!

YOU Moving to Netflix for Season 2!

YOU will not continue at Lifetime. The cable network has canceled the series, but it will live on as a Netflix Original and we have all the details.
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YOU Season 1 Episode 9 Review: Candace

YOU Review: Outfoxing the Fox

On YOU Season 1 Episode 9, Beck goes on a deep-dive into Joe's past to figure out what happened to Candace. Joe makes a shocking discovery of his own. Read on!
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Male student: Are we supposed to read it now? In front of you? It's kind of awkward.
Blythe: If that's the case, I should warn you I have this facial Autism thing where I can't hide what I'm thinking.

The most valuable things in life are usually the most helpless, so they need people like us to protect them.