Yellowstone Season 3

A Pitch For Development - Yellowstone
"An Acceptable Surrender"

On Yellowstone Season 3 Episode 3, Jamie plays cover-up and damage control with Hendon as Gov. Perry hears a $6 billion pitch for a development on Yellowstone.

"Freight Trains and Monsters"

On Yellowstone Season 3 Episode 2, The Duttons open camp, which proves to be the best therapy for Tate; Jamie and Hendon agree to teach a lesson to two criminals, but it does not go as intended; Beth learns more about Roarke's business plans; Teeter joins the bunkhouse.

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"You're the Indian Now"

On Yellowstone Season 3 Episode 1, in the wake of the Beck Brothers, John reshuffles the political decks while also helping Tate deal with his nightmares.

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Yellowstone Season 3 Quotes

It's like Lucille Ball and Fabio had a kid and I have to go make a fucking deal with him. Goddammit!


Beth: Market Equities.
Roarke: Schwartz and Meyer! You're Bob Schwartz's girl.
Beth: I'm nobody's girl.
Roarke: You're somebody's girl.
Beth: OK, let's stop talking in Billy Joel songs for starters, OK? The sporting club.
Roarke: Jackson Browne.
Beth: What?
Roarke: Somebody's Girl. That's Jackson Brown.
Beth: Oh, my mistake, you fucking cheese dick.