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Wilfred Season 3


On the Wilfred season 3 finale, Jenna tells Ryan he can no longer see Wilfred at a time when he needs him the most.


-Ryan ends up in danger as Wilfred follows his own path.


What happens when Wilfred pursues a love that is forbidden?


Distance emerges between Ryan and an old friend on Wilfred.


Ryan ends up being at odds with his family on Wilfred.


Ryan uses therapy to try and come to terms with an old trauma on Wilfred.


Ryan and Wilfred become crime fighters Wilfred.


Wilfred forces Ryan to collaborate on a birthday gift for Jenna.


Wilfred helps Ryan pick a roommate.


Ryan enrolls in a dog obedience class in order to impress a woman on Wilfred.


Ryan doesn't trust his sister's new romantic interest on Wilfred.


Ryan becomes friends with Wilfred's enemy on this all new episode.


The Wilfred season 3 premiere has everyone searching for his original owner.

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