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Wilfred Season 2


Is Ryan keeping secrets and will Wilfred find out on the Wilfred season finale.


On Wilfred, when Ryan is jealous of Jenna and Drew, Wilfred decides to ruin their wedding.


On Wilfred, using self examination, Ryan tried to figure out the truth about Wilfred.


On Wilfred, have Ryan and Wilfred gone too far to try and help Jenna.


On Wilfred, an unexpected road trip as disastrous results for Wilfred and Ryan.


On Wilfred, Wilfred finds himself in trouble when his nemesis returns with an unexpected offer for Ryan.


On Wilfred, Ryan and Wilfred's relationship is put at risk over a hairy situation.


On Wilfred, Ryan's plans to introduce Jenna and Amanda are thwarted by Wilfred.


On Wilfred, after a traumatic event, problems arise to Ryan and Wilfred.


On Wilfred, Ryan must get involved when Wilfred must battle an unlikely enemy.


On Wilfred, when Wilfred becomes too popular, it begins to cause problems in the office for Ryan.

"Letting Go"

Wilfred refuses to help Ryan with his problems after referring to him as selfish on this episode of Wilfred.


Robin Williams guest stars on this special episode of Wilfred. He plays a doctor.

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