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Wilfred Season 1


Ryan ignores Wilfred's advice on the season finale. You can imagine how well that goes.


An attractive woman actually wants Ryan this week. But other responsibilities get in the way on this edition of Wilfred.


Wilfred is all about doubt this week. Read for a recap of the latest half hour.


Wilfred aims to solve a problem via Ryan's lifestyle this week. He wants to avoid interacting with a certain presence in the neighborhood.


Mary Steenburgen guest stars this week as Ryan's mother. She bonds with Wilfred.


Nestor Carbonell stops by this episode of Wilfred. He plays Kristen's boss. Meanwhile, Ryan feels badly over the death of a childhood dog.


Jane Kaczmarek guest stars on this episode of Wilfred. The installment centers on pride.


Wilfred wants to break up Jenna and her boyfriend this week. He asks Ryan for help in doing it.


It's all about respect on Wilfred this week. Read on for a detailed recap of what went down.


Ryan leaves Wilfred behind this week. He needs to reconcile with Kristen.


Ryan finds trouble with his neighbor this week. The episode is all about facing one's fear.


Wilfred continues to guide Ryan along a new path this week. The topic at hand? Trust.


We meet Wilfred on this series premiere, along with the man who sees this dog as a human being.

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