Distrust was the name of the game tonight on Whitw Collar, and Neal was trying to make sure he wasn't among the suspected Moles. At the same time, he was in charge of plotting the most dangerous part of the heist. You can see how he did when you Watch White Collar Season 6 Episode 5 Online.

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Peter struggles to manage his family life with the case, and misses El's sonogram.

The stakes get even higher when Woodford is on the hunt for a mole in the Pink Pathers, when he reveals to Neal that the exit plan will includes weapons Neal insists on finding a way that doesnt' include them.Mozzie, Neal and Peter putting their heads together, they determine that an old pneumatic tube system could be the thing that gets the money out of the way of civilians for a proper take-down.

Mozzie also uses his genius to develop an algorithm that will allow the Pink Panthers to control when, where and by what airline the money will make its way to the state's, giving Neal some leverage as he attempts to change Woodford's plan.

Things go south, however, when Keller begins to take matters into his own hands and causes two people to die during the course of Woodford's mole investigation. Luckily for Neal, this leaves an opening in the crew and an opportunity to install Peter as their next man.

Find out how the penultimate episode of White Collar ends when you Watch White Collar Season 6 Episode 5 Online now!

Episode Details

On White Collar Season 6 Episode 5, The Pink Panthers want a huge favor from Neal and when a colleague is murdered, Peter's family life takes a hit.

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White Collar
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White Collar Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

You want me to help you plan a new heist?


Mr. Gorbachev, let’s take down that wall.