Neal and Keller are forced to team up, but when an innocent mark ends up in the crosshairs of their tech heist, Neal becomes conflicted. See how it all turns out when you watch White Collar Season 6 Episode 3 Online.

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Keller ambushes Neal with their next assignment, which immediately becomes complicated and difficult for Neal when an innocent comes into play and Neal is forced to con a young lady who has built her life in New York City. Things become more dangerous when Peter discovers that Keller has an Interpol handler, Luke, who is reckless and willing to resort to any means to bring down the Pink Panthers. Peter and Luke, like Neal and Keller, struggle to work together, and in many instances find themselves working against each other, with Amy still square in the middle of the struggle. When Amy almost ends up killed, it has Neal counting the costs of the interaction, and, more broadly, the consequences of his work with the Pink Panthers, especially when Keller tries to convince him that the consequences are death row for the people that Neal loves most. On the home front, El contemplates whether or not Peter will be a good father who will put his new family above when the time comes, and decides to surprise her husband with a nice dinner. They resolves to keep their relationship as fresh and romantic as it was the day they met, and they head to dinner for the first time before they become parents.

Episode Details

On White Collar Season 6 Episode 3, Neal is conflicted over a scam while Peter works with an Interpol agent who may put their entire operation in jeopardy.

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White Collar
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