Neal's a hostage! Or is he? After his last minute abduction at the end of last season it was anyone's guess, but the only way to find out is if you Watch White Collar Season 6 Episode 1 Online.

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What will you discover when you watch White Collar Season 6 Episode 1 online? This! Neal is being held hostage in an undisclosed location. But when Neal overhears a phone conversation, he quickly formulates a plan to try and get himself -- and his captor -- out of the situation, and into one of the most coveted crime rings around, the Pink Panthers. To discover all of the madness, you merely need to watch White Collar online now!

Episode Details

Peter and Mozzie are desperate to find Neal after his abduction on White Collar Season 6 Episode 1. Meanwhile, Neal is plotting his escape, a plan that puts him on a collision course with the Pink Panthers, a legendary group of theives.

Rating: 3.7 / 5.0 (50 Votes)
White Collar
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