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Woodford comes to Neal to confide in him that he believes that the mole is anyone but Neal, and asks him to help in phishing them out. Since Woodford is paranoid that he’s about to be found he, he’s keeping the plan close to his chest and threatening to go underground if he can’t figure out who it is.

Eventually, Woodford confides in Neal that he has both an entry and exit plan for the major heist he’s planning for the Panthers, and it involves weapons.

Peter petitions Luke, Keller’s handler, to hand over Keller to the Pink Panthers. Though Luke is resistant at first, he decides to comply. Keller is all too willing to comply with the request, with a “Your win is my win attitude.” At the same time, Neal reveals to Peter that the Pink Panthers are planning to use weapons.

Mozzie figures out how to control the algorithm down to the warehouse where the money will be temporarily stored.

Luke tracks down Neal and follows him. When he tries to confront Peter about Neal’s involvement, he tells Peter that he no longer sees him as a collaborator and sends Keller back in.

Neal goes to Woodford with a new plan that doesn’t involve guns, but does involve Mozzie’s algorithm that can dictate where and when the money is delivered. After an overnight session with Mozzie, Neal and Peter putting their heads together, they determine that an old pneumatic tube system could be the thing that gets the money out of the way of civilians for a proper take-down. Oddly enough, the last pneumatic tube system left lies underneath a yoga studio.

Neal manages to make the pneumatic tube system work, but his work with the other members of the team was cut short when Woodford calls an emergency meeting.

To make matters worse, while trying to figure out what extracurriculars Neal might be up to, Diana discovers that Luke has been murdered. And when it becomes clear that Keller had something to do with not only Luke's murder, but also the murder of one of Woodford's men, it leaves the Panthers in need of an extra pair of hands.

The Panthers are down a man and he petitions Peter to add someone---Peter---to the mix.

White Collar
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White Collar Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

You want me to help you plan a new heist?


Mr. Gorbachev, let’s take down that wall.