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White Collar Season 4

"In the Wind"

Senator Pratt hires agents to try and find the evidence box before Peter and Neal as they all scour the Empire State Building on the season 4 finale of White Collar.

"The Original"

Peter and Neal get closer to the mystery of the evidence box while investigating the forgery of sculptures on White Collar.

"Shoot the Moon"

A romantically linked criminal duo has Peter and Neal working different angles to pursue them on White Collar.

"Empire City"

Peter does a favor for Mozzie on White Collar this week. Read on for a recap.

"Brass Tacks"

On White Collar, Peter and Neal's investigation into the people who framed Neal's father leads them to a Senator and a real estate scheme.

"Family Business"

The White Collar midseason premiere focuses on Neal's father's, as Peter and Neal set out to determine the truth.

"Vested Interest"

A thief makes plans to steal something especially valuable on the summer finale of White Collar.

"Gloves Off"

On White Collar, Peter and Neal must fight when they infiltrate a Wall Street based boxing ring being used for illegal trading.

"Ancient History"

On White Collar, Peter and Neal investigate museum heists where rare artifacts are stolen.

"Compromising Positions"

A political fixer gets all up in Peter's business this week, trying to sabotage the trial of someone he put in jail.

"Identity Crisis"

On White Collar, when Mozzie thinks a spy ring has left behind clues, he, Neal, and Peter end up hunting for treasure.

"Honor Among Thieves"

On White Collar, in order to get information about his past, Neal has to steal an important piece of art and make sure Peter doesn't find out.

"Parting Shots"

On White Collar, when a beautiful, young widow is scheduled to receive a generous life insurance payout, the team suspects fraud.

"Diminishing Returns"

On White Collar, the team works together to find a thief who has escaped the FBI's custody for years.

"Most Wanted"

On White Collar, Peter works on a plan to get Neal back to the U.S. before Collins can capture him.


We catch up with Neal and company on the White Collar Season 4 premiere, as this con man comes across a new woman in the tropics.

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