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While Elizabeth plans a big event for a powerful client, his secretary comes forward with some information about her boss, Stanzler. She reveals that Stanzler and a partner are withholding supply during peak hours and selling more power to the city at triple the rate during a massive heat wave. In a last minute effort to protect Stanzler’s secretary, Peter and Neal switch identities to bring him down.

Peter has too much fun planning a heist. Peter does excellent two-finger lifts, and, with Mozzie and June’s help becomes eligible to commit crime. While trying to pull a job for Stanzler, Peter and Stanzler’s partner, Luntz, get double-crossed and almost killed. The team flies in just in time to catch Stanzler in the act and take him down.

Sara returns from Argentina with information that Vincent Adler has been hiding there. Peter gets a hold of declassified videos of Volkner, who they think came into the country after the fall of the Third Reich and came through Ellis Island, a person of extreme interest to Adler. Sara and Neal attempt to follow up on the lead only to find that Volkner became a Hunter who is the grandfather of Alex Hunter….who is now being followed by Adler.

White Collar
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White Collar Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

Peter Burke, you are now eligible to commit crime.


He just disappears... like a German Dave Chappelle.