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An old friend of June rolls into town and Neal becomes immediately suspicious. Bradford Tolen, aka Ford, was a big conman back in the day, running the back room of a local lounge with June’s late husband. Back in town for his final score, Neal keeps a close watch on him.

It becomes obvious that something more is going on, and Neal invites Peter and Elizabeth over for dinner. During the dinner party Neal stumbles onto a custom coffee table that contains a plate to make hundred dollar bills. It becomes a race to catch Ford, his old cellmate, Ganz and the crew he formed to execute the con.

Even though Neal, in a last stitch effort to help Ford break with past, offers him protection, Ford takes his chances, only to find that he himself had been conned.

White Collar
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White Collar Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Did you bring ice cream in your truck?

Peter [to Mozzie]

No reputation is a good reputation.