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Mozzie meets with Neal and Alex ahows up as his secret source who tells them where to find the painting overseas. Peter and Neal put it together that the thief is copying Neal’s old tricks.

Peter and Neal are able to pin it on an art student named Justin. He tells him that he is innocent and was paid to make the replicas.  Justin shows him a portrait of the girl who paid him.

Neal goes to her criminology class and makes a date to meet up with the teacher and a couple of his students at the local bar that night. Neal does this so the teacher could meet Alex - whom he believes is a seller.

Neal sets up a con to steal gold coins with his students. As it turns out, the con is on him - they turn in against him and end up stealing the coins.

Peter pretends to be a head mob guy from Detroit to get the professor to believe that he wants the coins back.  

Alex sets up a meeting with the professor to buy the stolen goods. The FBI come busting in and arrest him. Peter gives Alex a secure ticket to Italy.

The next day, Peter and the FBI come to his class to arrest the students.  Peter leaves applications for students on the desk.  

Diana calls him to speak to him regarding the music box.

Neal sees Alex off and she gives him the last piece of the music box.  It is the key to open the secret compartment in the music box.

White Collar
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White Collar Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

I'm friends with many people of unsavory character.


It would have made my job easier if you kept it from the press.