A Realization - Whiskey Cavalier
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Frankie and Will head to Austria to capture Ollerman, but Tina tips Ollerman off and they miss him. 

A group of assasins drop in at the drop off and try to take out the others. They fend them off. Ollerman comes into the picture and they realize that Tina was working with him the entire time and that they are a couple. 

Ollerman injects the one colleague with something that kills him. He then injects Ray with something that could kill him as well, but he uses that to make the team work with him to retrieve something. 

The team go undercover to help Ollerman and save Ray. 

Susan is worried the whole time, and she tells Will about her relationshp with Ray, but he already knows. Jai tells her that she should tell Ray how she feels. 

They help Ollerman retrieve his macguffin, but then they find a way to save Ray too. Ray goes to the hospital, and Susan tells him how she feels. 

Standish kills Tina. 

They go after Ollerman again, but he jumps out of a building presumably to his death. 

The team celebrate. 

Will and Frankie almost kiss when they are hanging out. 

Standish calls Will to tell Will that Tina admitted she was the one who killed Emma. Ollerman stabs him with something and kidnaps him. 

Whiskey Cavalier
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Whiskey Cavalier Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Frankie: Standish your girlfriend sucks.
Standish: Yeah, I know.

Will: Hey, you cold?
Frankie: I'm good.
Will: You wearing my underwear?
Frankie: I don't want to talk about it.