Old Memories - Westworld
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Maeve is in the hospital again being worked up by Bernard. She realizes he doesn't know what he is. She freezes him and gives him information, tells him what to do.

Logan has his pals held captive. William wants to get Dolores out of the park. She wonders if it's such a wonderful place out there, why are they all clamoring to get in here? Logan is going to totally screw with Dolores.

Bernard goes into Ford's office. He's looking for something.

Ford is in the body basement. Bernard is there, where the two have a discussion. Bernard wants all of his history. He's hacked Clementine, who now listens only to him. When she was lobotomized, they failed to reset her prime directive. She will kill Ford. Ford grants access.

Bernard immediately goes back to the memories of his family. He remembers the scene when Theresa asked him if he was practicing like the other hosts. In his memory, she froze and he got up from bed, indicating she was a host. He remembers Elsie.

Logan has men clawing at Dolores. He gives the photo her father found to William. He wants Dolores to prove to him she's human. He jabs her into the stomach and guts her, but she's full of metal inside. It doesn't deter William, who tells her to run after she slices his face.

Maeve is out in the woods with her Latin lover. She knows what's coming next and wants to save him from Snake killing him, so she kills snake first and opens the safe. He's shocked it's empty. 

Does he want to die and live his live over, always coming back to an empty safe, or does he want to take a chance and go to hell with her?

Logan is excited. He and Billy have been through some real bonding shit and they're gonna be brothers. 

The Man in Black is blaming Teddy's memory glitch for fucking them. Escalante was bad for Wyatt. It was like the Devil himself had taken control of him there. They mutinied there and then Wyatt killed the General and turned on Wyatt. But the girl doesn't think that's how it really was. 

Teddy was sheriff and killed everyone, including her. She says they'll be fighting by his side, but Teddy's not ready yet. Maybe in the next life. 

She says, If you like games so much, why don't you try one of ours? And pounds TMIB's head against a rock, knocking him out. He wakes up with a rope around his neck and the other end attached to a horse. If he was interested in reality, he's doing a good job getting it.

Just afterward, Charlotte shows up looking for his vote to get a unanimous board to overthrow Ford. He's not interested and don't follow him. At this point, he doesn't give a shit about Ford.

Stubbs goes out in search of Elsie and gets attacked by a wild bunch of Indians.

Logan wakes up to find everyone dead, arms and legs strewn around and Logan ready to get a move on. The student became the master and someone doesn't want to be called Billy anymore.

Charlie died. Why is Bernard only having memories of what we've already seen?

At some point, Maeve killed herself over her daughter's death, and Bernard didn't understand why.

Dolores made her way back to the town where she can get downstairs to meet with Arnold. It's Bernard. But not the original, because he's dead. Bernard was modeled after him.

Ford said Bernard was a bigger threat to the hosts and a frightened Bernard asked to have his sentience removed and instead Ford had him kill himself.

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Westworld Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

I've told you, Bernard, never place your trust in us. We're only human. Inevitably, we'll only disappoint you. Goodbye my friend.


And Bernard. If you go looking for the truth, get the whole thing. It's like a good fuck. Half is worse than none at all.