The Future of the Park - Westworld
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Bernard is talking to Dolores. Her parents were killed. Everyone she cared about is gone and it hurts. She doesn't want the pain to go away, because it's all she has left of them. It's exactly what Bernard said to his wife on the com last week.

Bernard wants to know what it is he can do to help Dolores. She doesn't know, but she thinks there may be something wrong with this world, something boiling underneath. He tells her about the maze and how it could make her free.

She wakes up at William's campsite.

Maeve starts having memories again, this time of a shootout before it happens. The entire saloon is shot up. She remembers when they hurried her along and didn't get the bullet fragment out of her abdomen. She keeps seeing the men wearing helmets.

When she goes to hide a drawing she made of of it, she sees oodles of others she did of the same thing.

Elsie and Stubbs are working on the dude who smashed his own head in and Theresa takes over. Elsie doesn't take that well. And that's not Orion.

William wants to take Dolores back to Sweetwater. Logan wants to kill her instead.

Logan says the people at the park sent her just so he'd have something to care about. The he pitters on about the family needing to bump their stake in the place. Logan thought it was about welcoming them to the family. With their family, everything is business.

The Man in Black is still pulling Lawrence around. He wants to know what this all means. He's read every page but the end.

He finds a gal with a snake tattoo, disrupts her team and joins.

Dolores is spotted as off her loop. They're in the little town where The Man in Black shot Lawrence's wife. She has memories of the girl, the maze, a cemetery and a gun. For as long as she's been in the park, who knows what stories she's been in? She remembers the men in suits cleaning up after one of their stories.

One of the snake lady's team members talks to the Man in Black.

They're riding to the prison to get something out of it. He wants the story of her tattoo. He's trying to find out Arnold's last story, which he believes is buried in the maze inside the scalps of the heads. Or something. He's honoring Arnold's legacy, so to speak. The one rule of Westworld was that you cannot die in this park, but Arnold went and broke his rule with one final tale to tell.

The Man tells Lawrence he's here to set him free.

The Man isn't surprised to hear Lawrence is the most wanted man in three territories.

He gets put into prison with another black-wearing fellow named Hector while Lawrence heads to the firing squad.

The Man gets ready to break them out of prison and the backstage folks OK his plan. The two of them then save Lawrence.

The Man says they're never going to find what they want in that safe.

There was only one man left after the girl's village was razed and every living thing killed. She made the tattoo out of the blood from their dead bodies. The man left alive? Wyatt.

There is an Indian group walking through town and a child drops a toy. It's a carving of a religious relic, which is exactly what she has been drawing.

Theresa is going to have a conversation with Ford about the chaos he's creating with his new narrative.

There is a massive digger digging. Ford takes her to lunch. She went to Westworld once as a child. But when she started working there, she realized it wasn't something she would enjoy. Arnold always held a dim view of people. He preferred the hosts. He didn't want to let the money people in. Inside the world, they were gods and everyone else was merely their guests.

Ford says it didn't work out for Arnold, as he went mad. But Ford hasn't lost his mind. Ford asks her not to get in his way. She says the board will be sending a representative and she's sure they'll agree with him. Ahhh. But they already did. And it won't be a retrospective. He's not the sentimental type. One of the big diggers comes rolling in.

William and Logan found Slim and they are having a shootout in an out of the way saloon.

Teddy's new narrative includes being hung from a tree and left for dead. He asks The Man to put him out of his misery, but he won't.

Logan shoots the guy guiding their run. Wants William go to black hat. He assures William he'll be fine with a trip down the dark side.

William and Skip ride off toward Pariah together.

Hector and snake girl ride into town. Maeve wants to talk with Hector, takes him upstairs to the safe. She wants to know about the guys in the drawing. A shade, sacred native lore. They make figures of them. The man who walks between worlds. They were sent from hell to oversee their world. She wants him to dig into her. He finds the bullet.

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Westworld Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Clementine: Penny for your thoughts.
Maeve: Ever had something on the tip of your tongue and no matter how much you try to recall it, it slips away?
Clementine: Most things touch the tip of my tongue I'm happy to forget.

Bernard: There's something I'd like you to try. It's a game, a secret. It's called The Maze.
Dolores: What kind of a game is it?
Bernard: It's a very special game kind of game, Dolores. The goal is to find the center of it. If you can do that, then maybe you can be free.
Dolores: I think...I think I want to be free.