Dolores' Mission - Westworld
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Ford is talking with Wild Bill again. The saddest thing he had ever seen was when he and his brother wanted a dog and they got a greyhound. They let it go in the park and it spotted a cat, caught it and tore it to pieces. And then it just sat there, confused. It had spent its entire life running after that 'thing' and it had no idea what to do.

Dolores is off with William on their way to Pariah. Someone says, "Find me," in her head. She replies, "Show me how." Pariah is a bit odd. Sex and debauchery is all there is.

The Man in Black and Lawrence are moving along, but Teddy is dying. The Man kills Lawrence to get his blood so he can somehow give it to Teddy. They also run into Little Ford along the way. If it has been someone else, The Man would have used him to save Teddy.

Dorks in surgery are saving other hosts. They remind me of the jerks from the NSA on The Good Wife. Assuredly intelligent, but complete asshats. They're messing with Maeve again. Joking with her body.

It's break time. One of them is kind of afraid to leave Maeve alone because of what happened the last time. He seems to have a bird on a tray in his locker.

The man once opened a host before they were flesh and blood. He thought they were beautiful. Apparently humanity if more cost effective.

Teddy doesn't want to get up and go. Until The Man drops Dolores' name in front of him.

When William says to Dolores no one in the real world will know, she wonders what he means. He thought she wasn't supposed to notice things like that. She wonders why he wouldn't.

Dolores is watching a parade go by and she's in it. She runs off to see what's happening and is suddenly in a dreamless slumber.

Dolores is in Ford's dream. He wonders if she remembers the man he used to be. Or Arnold. He's certain Arnold has been speaking to her in her mind. Dolores' analysis says the last contact with Arnold was the day he died, over 34 days ago. He told her he was going to help him to destroy this place. Ford wonders if she did take on the role for this place, would she have been the hero or the villain?

Now we know the AI are used for many different roles across the park.

Dolores and friends take down a couple of soldiers and their cargo.

Elsie finds a laser based satellite uplink built into the host who smashed his head. Someone has been using hosts to smuggle data out of the park.

William, Dolores and Logan are at a disgusting brothel.

Things take an interesting turn when William leaves Logan to rot and he and Dolores run.

Felix fixes his bird, and at the same time wakes Maeve. She says they need to talk.

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Westworld Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Logan: Who the fuck cares what Dolores wants? She's a god damned doll!
William: Can you not say that around her? I feel like she understands.
Logan: Of course you do.

You used to be beautiful. When this place started, I opened one of you up once, a million little perfect pieces. And then they changed you, made you this sad, little real mess, flesh and bone, just like us. They said it would improve the park experience. But you know why they really did it? It was cheaper. Your humanity is cost effective, so is your suffering.

The Man in Black