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Nancy goes on record saying that Judah loaned her out. The reporter knows that she is lying.  He wants to know who killed Pillar. He tells her that he thinks Shane killed Pillar.

Doug goes home to find Dana remarried to a black man. His children are even calling Wilfred daddy. Doug feels really awkward about the whole situation.  He tries to make it up to Dana, but she punches him in the face.

Andy puts together a video of him killing the young club owner.  The soon to be son-in-law wants to see the penis. They go to a morgue to get a penis.

The man knows that it’s not his penis and his wife will give him the passport for five grand.  When he gets home, he tells Nancy what he wants to happen when he dies. Meanwhile, Warren tells Nancy that he got them all tickets to Copenhagen.

Warren was able to buy the tickets because he robbed the post office.

Silas is still spending Lars. Lars wants to do something special with him before they find out if he’s really the father.  Shane gets the results back and finds out that Lars really is his father.  Later that day, he is hanging out with Lars when Nancy tries to reach him, but he doesn’t answer.

Nancy gets to the hotel again and Esteban is there with Guillermo. The place has been ransacked and the reporter is no where to be seen.

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Weeds Season 6 Episode 12 Quotes

Lars: So have you talked to your mom?
Silas: If you need her, you can't find her.
Lars: Yeah she was always hard to pin down. Except that one time. Bad joke, sorry.

(to Andy) Enjoy that cock.