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The episode takes off exactly where it left off - the cops want to arrest Nancy and Andy for the unpaid parking tickets, but are able to get away on a technicality.
Their car has a boot on it and Andy tells Nancy that he registered the car under Shane’s name. Furious, Nancy realizes that they must escape from Seattle.

Meanwhile, Shane tells his SAHM’s that he’s got shit on all of them and that they should back off.  They follow Shane back to the motel where they are all staying.  Nancy is late for work and tells them that they must take care of this mess.

At work, Nancy’s co-worker is stealing all the money that is Nancy’s. In turn, Nancy beats her up.

Andy is about to sleep with one of moms when Nancy calls and releases him.  They both realize that this is a bunch of bs and he tells her that she is an evil succubus.

Doug is spared from being killed because Andy’s phone rings and Esteban’s goons get a trace on where to find Nancy and co.

Cesar is able to get a trace to the hotel where they are staying by a pen he finds in the car.

Nancy gets to the hotel and Silas has a getaway car. He tells her that he doesn’t want to leave and that he’s staying. She makes him realize that he’s in the thick of it now and can’t turn his back on the family.

Nancy sees Doug in Cesar’s car and realizes that they’ve been found. She hurries upstairs to get Shane, Stevie and Andy and Andy’s in the shower. He tells her that Shane went down to the vending machine to get snacks.

Someone knocks on the door and it’s the maid and her boyfriend. They are their to get revenge from Nancy. At that moment, there is another knock on the door and it’s child protective services and the crazy moms wanting to take Stevie away.
Nancy can’t think and finally gets a hold of Shane who tells her that Esteban’s goons caught him.  Sitting alone on the floor of the bathroom, Nancy has run out of luck.

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Weeds Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

(to the SAHMs) Don't fuck with me bitches.


You two are in deep shit. Talk to me about the van.

Police Officer