Weeds Season 6

"Theoretical Love is Not Dead"

It's the sixth season finale of Weeds. On this episode, "Theoretical Love is Not Dead" the family faces a number of touch choices, as they are on the brink of escape.

"Fran Tarkenton"

Doug goes back to Agrestic this week in "Fran Tarkenton". Meanwhile, the Botwins scramble for passports as they plan to leave the country.

"Viking Pride"

More people from Nancy's past pop up this week in "Viking Pride", while Andy continues to work on fake passports. Elsewhere, Silas continues to deal with huge news in his life.


Nancy returns to her hometown on this episode, "Dearborn-Again" because she needs cash. Also, Andy and Doug attempt to secure information on where to locate fake passports, while Richard Dreyfuss guest stars.

"To Moscow, and Quickly"

Nancy and company runs into a big problem this week: Stevie gets sick, leading to Nancy and Andy's search for a pediatrician in "To Moscow, and Quickly".

"Gentle Puppies"

We hope you're ready for some hot Nancy sex this week, readers. Our favorite drug dealer gets it on with a bartender in "Gentle Puppies".

"Pinwheels and Whirligigs"

Nancy, her sons, Andy, and Doug visit a fair in Montana this week, while Andy takes part in a butter-eating contest. The episode is titled "Pinwheels and Whirligigs."

"A Shoe for a Shoe"

Nancy is off to rescue Shane this week in a "Shoe for a Shoe". Meanwhile, Silas and Andy await her return.. in a diner.


Another tough week for the Botwins in "Boomerang": there's a parking violation and a hostage situation. The latter involves Doug. Naturally.


On this weeks installment, "Bliss", Nancy cuts a deal with the hotel concierge. Elsewhere, Andy and Silas make their own occupational progress.

"A Yippity Sippity"

Nancy goes into a scab labor in a Seattle hotel this week, while Shane takes care of Stevie. Doug also makes a return in "A Yippity Sippity".

"Felling and Swamping"

While Esteban speaks to authorities this week, Nancy and company must find a place to actually live. That's the basis for the episode "Felling and Swamping."


Nancy and the Botwins must flee Mexico due to Shane's actions on this week's episode, "Thwack". They begin a life on the run as the series makes its return.

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