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It didn't take long for Nancy to discover the trouble she and Shane were in during this episode.

After Esteban tried to explain the presence of the Mexican woman that screamed his head off last week - he claimed she was simply looking out for his political future - Nancy and her son got on the Internet.

The woman in question, Pilar Guzman, is quite rich and quite well-known around the country. As if this didn't frighten Nancy enough, what she saw next sure did: a birthing room was being set up in Esteban's mansion. No one would ever know about her baby if she had it there.

As a result, Nancy called Andy, who reluctantly came to her rescue again. He drove her to the doctor, where they were up front about what was going on. After Alanis Morisette pondered the situation for a few moments, she flew into action.

Labor was induced and Nancy had her son... just minutes before Esteban arrived at the hospitel, quite angry. But when he held his son in his arms, the scary drug lord appeared to soften. Awww!

In other storyline news:

- Celia had little success trying to sell You're Pretty cosmetics. Shane suggested she sell something that people actually want, such as drugs. She seemed open to this ideas.

- The deputy that had been extorting Doug and Silas for money was arrested for Internal Affairs. We'll see what this means for the future of the pot store.

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Weeds Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Andy, on his sexual technique: The key is to focus on where the sidewalk ends.
Nancy: I know. I'm a girl.

Andy: Esteban seems like the type to just throw you on the table and f-ck you.
Nancy: That works, too.
Andy: See, we'd never have worked. I'm not rape-y enough for you.