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Nancy's "bodyguard" Cesar gets replaced with the incredibly stinky Sucio.  However, when Nancy finds she's bleeding when she goes to the bathroom, she heads back to the gynocologist, where Esteban tells her to be less stressful or there will be consequences.  She goes home to find that her sister Jill has returned with Shane.  Apparently Jill does not want Shane and his evidence of her infidelity with Andi around.

Nancy tires to relax as Sucio watches her, but can't handle his smell anymore and sends him outside to shower.  When she goes to bring him out a loofah, she finds him missing.  She grabs Andi and Jill after she lets them... umm finish their business.. and heads to the car with Shane.  After a call to Esteban, he tells her to come to him and she brings Andi, Jill, and Shane with.

Meanwhile, Silas comes back home after his failed attempt to grow in the national forest and asks his money for money to start a retail store with Doug... to sell medicinal marijuana.  She's okay with it as long as he keeps Doug away from the product.  In order to get their paperwork approved, they need to enlist the help of a crooked cop to sign off.  The crooked cop agrees if they pay him monthly.

Poor Celia is still harassing her kidnapper by offering advice on his hostage demand letters and choosing men for the missions.  He gets so annoyed, that he has Celia knocked out and sent to Texas.

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Weeds Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Nancy [about Sucio]: Is it too much to ask him to shower?
Cesar: He's comfortable with his man smell, live with it

A Mexican gynco? Nanc, if you're putting together a mariachi band, yes, go Mexican. Down there, you want a Jew.