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The episode opens six months later with Esteban giving a very pregnant Nancy a fake proposal only to actually propose minutes later.  A proud Nancy goes to tell Andy, who has not spoken to her since her letter, and, of course, brag to Guillermo in prison.  Crazy Andy initially ignores her, but comes out to give his blessing.  After a nice duel with Esteban, he basically reams out Nancy and tells her he won't be around after she's widowed for the second time.  At the end of the episode an angry Mexican woman comes running in yelling at Esteban in Spanish and he declares the marriage off.

The always hilarious Doug forces poor Isabelle to put a fake spray tan on him because he wants to be more like George Hamilton.  When Silas and Doug's corrupt partner, Deputy CP Jones, is costing them too much business, Doug channels his inner Hamilton and kicks CP out.  When CP goes to punch him, he misses and ends up falling and hitting his head against a cabinet, possibly killing him.

Shane seems to be bonding well with our new favorite henchman, Ignacio, and the two of them hang together while Shane skips school.  However, he realizes what an animal Ignacio is when he sees him savagely beat an innocent at the golf course.  Shane clearly wants out of this.

Meanwhile, Celia is still living out of the garage and working at a shoe store.  Her pride makes her continue to hike to work in heels and she gets picked up on her adventure by a "You're Pretty" cosmetics saleswoman.

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Weeds Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Nancy [talking about the ring from Esteban]: You notice anything different? about my hand?
Shane: Oh yeah. he said he was going to ask you.
Nancy: He told you?
Shane: We had an hombre to hombre talk... much respect... I'm cool

Nancy: You're guzzling coffee?
Shane: Ignacio says it puts hair on you chest
Nancy: Right and spinach gives you instant muscles and an anchor tattoo