Wayward Pines Season 2 Episode 9
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Kerry watches the abbies on the video feed. She believes Margaret is dying. 

Theo approaches Xander to see where he stands on Jason. He asks him what his plan is. 
Jason's plan is for everyone to go back to sleep in the pods. 
Through flashbacks Pilcher meets the woman, Abigail, who is pregnant with the baby he plans to adopt. 
Jason holds a town meeting to announce the plan. CJ tells everyone to go home and wait for further instructions. 
In the flashback, Pilcher learns Abigail lost the baby. 
CJ discovers there are only 571 working pods for over a thousand people. 
Jason asks Theo to do an evaluation of people's medical records because they can't take everyone. Theo argues there should be a lottery to be fair, but Jason says certain skills are required. 
Theo tries to manipulate Kerry to turn against Jason. 
Pilcher finds another baby to adopt. He meets the mother, who turns out to be Kerry. 
Jason reads over Kerry's medical file and learns she's his birth mother. 
Jason and Kerry fight, resulting in Kerry shooting him. They lay together on the ground, holding hands as he bleeds to death. 
Margaret gathers her troops who look poised for attack. 
Wayward Pines
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Wayward Pines Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

If you'd like to form a committee and submit a report in three months, be my guest. We'll all be dead by then.


Defectives. Don't forget the defectives. And I suppose you mean by that the physically disabled, the mentally diminished. I guess in your calculus that's the easiest call to make. Of course, if someone is unwilling or unable to reproduce certainly they're a defective. I mean that's simple right? That's black and white. You can or you can't. Unless of course, that defective is someone you love.