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Warehouse 13 Season 4

"The Truth Hurts"

Steve finds out that Artie has been hiding life changing information and the team fights to find Paracelsus before he achieves immortality on Warehouse 13.

"All the Time in the World"

When Claudia is bronzed and the only artifact that can save her stolen, the clock ticks down on finding the alchemist on Warehouse 13.

"Lost and Found"

When artifacts are stolen from Warehouse 12, the team sets out to find them on Warehouse 13.

"What Matters Most"

Pete and Myka head to a high end gated community when a mysterious artifact turns up on Warehouse 13.


When two inmates break out of prison during a volcanic event and Pete and Myka team up with a US Marshall to recapture them on Warehouse 13.


H.G. Wells comes back to assist Pete and Myka in their search for an artifact that can force confessions out of people on Warehouse 13.

"The Sky's the Limit"

Pete and Myka head to Las Vegas to investigate a series of crimes entrenched in the world of magic on Warehouse 13.

"The Big Snag"

Pete and Myka are sent to live out a 1940s crime thriller in an episode that pays tribute to film noir on Warehouse 13.

"Parks and Rehabilitation"

Pete and Claudia work together on an investigation involving a radical environmental group while Artie learns coming back to work won't be as easy as he'd hoped on Warehouse 13.

"The Living and the Dead"

Artie's life hangs in the balance after being stabbed by Claudia while the entire planet hangs in the balance due to the sweating sickness he released on the Spring return of Warehouse 13.

"We All Fall Down"

Artie's obsession with Astrolabe causes the team to battle one of their own on Warehouse 13.

"The Ones You Love"

On Warehouse 13, Brother Adrian tries to get Artie to change the Astrolabe's effects by sending deadly artifacts to agent's loved ones.

"Second Chance"

While Steve and Claudia try to find a way to remove him from the metronome artifact that is keeping him alive, Pete and Myka try to track down an artifact that causes people to rust.

"Endless Wonder"

On Warehouse 13, Myka and Pete must deal with a drug company and a pill that can increase a persons height until they stretch to death.


On Warehouse 13, when Lewis Carroll's mirror is stolen from the warehouse, the murderous spirit of Alice escapes.

"No Pain, No Gain"

On Warehouse 13, when a hockey player exhibits remarkable healing powers, Pete and Myka investigate.

"There's Always a Downside"

On Warehouse 13, when an artifact puts his nephew's school in danger, Hugo returns to battle the threat.

"Personal Effects"

On Warehouse 13, how will the team react when a small town is under threat by a box of artifacts.

"An Evil Within"

On Warehouse 13, when hallucinating mobs begin attacking innocent people, Peter and Myka must investigate.

"A New Hope"

On Warehouse 13 season premiere, now that everything has been destroyed, team must search around the world for a missing artifact.

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