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Warehouse 13 Season 3

"The Greatest Gift"

Pete is conked on the head by an artifact this week. He proceeds to wake up in a different universe, one in which he was never born.

Read on for a detailed recap of the Warehouse 13 season finale. It's titled "Stand."

"Emily Lake"

A file is stolen from the Warehouse this week, taking Pete and Myka to Wyoming. H.G. Wells is actually working there as a teacher.


What is the connection between a mason jar and a zombie outbreak? Only Warehouse 13 can ask such questions.


Kate Mulgrew is back on Warehouse 13 this week. Read on for a more detailed recap of "Shadows."

"The 40th Floor"

It's all about Stukowski this week. Why was she using artifacts to kill regents?

"Past Imperfect"

Myka hunts for Leo this week, while fellow agents wonder: Is there a link between this murderer and the Secret Service?

"Don't Hate the Player"

Fargo is back! That Eureka character crosses over for this episode of Warehouse 13.


Pete, Myka and H.G. Wells work together this week. They hurry to prevent the sounding of Joshua's trumpet.

"Queen for a Day"

Pete's ex-wife stops by this week because she's set to remarry. Elsewhere, it's off to a Civil War reenactment for Steve and Claudia.

"Love Sick"

Lindsay Wagner is back as Dr. Calder! She reunites with Artie for a case this week.


Season three is underway! Read on for a recap of the episode "Trials."

"The New Guy"

We meet a new agent on the third season premiere of Warehouse 13. We also learn whether Myka is gone for good.

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