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Warehouse 13 Season 2

"Secret Santa"

Pete and Myka track down an evil Santa on this special holiday episode, while the rest of the team celebrates Christmas.

Season two comes to a conclusion on this episode. On "Reset" the team must track down a rogue member, as the unit discovers the artifact it possesses is really quite powerful.


This is the first part of the Warehouse 13 second season finale. During the hour, the agents must find a cure for an ailing Mrs. Frederic.

"When and Where"

The Warehouse agents have to take advantage of Helena's time machine to travel to 1961 and solve a case on this episode. It's titled "When and Where."


Artie's past as a traitor comes back haunt him this week, as someone uses artifacts to commit murder. The prime suspect in this scandal? Artie.

"Merge With Caution"

Pete and Myka fall victim to an unusual artifact this week: it causes them to swap bodies! This action will be fatal if it's not reverse.

"For the Team"

Myka takes on Claudia as a partner for the latter's first full mission this week. Elsewhere, Helena comes back to plague the team.

"Around The Bend"

An artifact affects Pete to the point where he begins to lose his sanity on this week's episode. Mark Sheppard guest stars on "Around the Bend."

Rene Auberjonois guest stars on this episode of Warehouse 13. We've got a full recap here of "13.1"

"Age Before Beauty"

There's an unusual situation afoot on this Warehouse 13 episode: super models are aging instantly. It falls on Pete and Myka to determine why.

"Beyond Our Control"

The team comes across a B-movie meltdown in the town next door on this week's episode. The installment is titled "Beyond Our Control" and it guest stars Philip Winchester.

"Mild Mannered"

The team goes after an item that can turn individuals into superheroes this week. The problem? It can also turn them into super villains.

"Time Will Tell"

Welcome back to Warehouse 13! The second season premiere picks up right where the first season concluded, as MacPherson has blown Artie away and vanished.

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