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It's an industry dinner. Lifetime achievement award for Richie's old boss, Maury Gold. A guy roasting the room brings up the fact Richie didn't sell to Polygram, and that's the first Devon hears of it.

There is also an empty spot for Buck Rogers at the dinner.

Devon takes a drink.

Jackie Jervis is chatting with a PR chick named Andrea. They were only fishing for information, and they found it.

Richie tells Gold he went to see Lester. He doesn't like the response.

Lester is the super at his building. Richie went to him with his tapes. He wanted to do an album. Lester Grimes Sings the Blues. Lester listened to his bullshit once before. No. Not again.

Devon is working with a modern dance company. She was expecting to give the money to the company. But she can't.

Joe Corso called Richie. Memories of killing the guy are killing him.

The guys are in the boardroom cutting bands off the roster. Zak's accountant calls. He doesn't take it. What's the point? He doesn't have any money left.

What's his name runs into Alice Cooper while trying to record England Dan and John Ford Cooley. He suggests Alice go solo and move to American

Julie and Jamie are listening to Nasty Bitz singing the Kinks. Ugh.

Devon is looking at a painting she has of herself made by Andy Warhol. Richie didn't want her to work with him, but to find hobbies. Ouch.

Richie wants his PR guy to make sure the public perceives the sale of the firm as a good thing. They're trimming the fat. They're also starting a sublabel.

Joe comes to the office to give Richie his girlfriend's tape. Richie WILL sign her.

Clark continues to try to persuade Alice to come to American Century.

Devon asks Richie for the check. The argument results in his sleeping outside the bedroom.

Lester pulls out his guitar and tries to sing.

Devon goes to see Andy so he will sign her painting so it will go for more when she sells it. He kindly doesn't dig too deeply, and even says he'll sign more for her.

Richie tries out different label ideas while he listens to Lester's tapes.

Maury Gold and Mr. Golasso stop by to find out what the cop said to him.

Then Buck Rogers' body is found in the pit.

Clark discovers Alice Cooper worked with Richie before and it was a nightmare.

Devon is saddened to find the group wants her to go back to Andy Warhol to get another painting. Her friend asks them, you do know it's Devon in the painting, right? They just walk away.

The Nasty Bitz go on stage and Richie hates them. Julie totally fucked up. Jamie saves Julie's ass and then tries to save the Nasty Bitz, too.

Richie wants to sign them. Julie can't believe it.

Richie gets ready to put on the tape from Joe when he calls about the body being found. He hangs up and presses play. It's a terrible version of Kenny Loggins Danny's Song.

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Vinyl Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Nothing like the last whiskey of the night, huh? Except the first beer...of the day!


Devon: This is what I had. This is what you threw me, like a child. Go play with the dance troup, Dev. They need your brilliant fucking stragegizing. You know, it will be great for you. Get you out of the house.
Richie: And it did.
Devon: The strategy IS fundraising, Richie! That IS the strategy!